The Immigration Department of the Interior Ministry welcomes all travellers to Somaliland. The Government's overall policy is to promote the Direct Foreign Investment and Tourism Sector that contribute to the National Development Plan (2012-2016).
As a result, the Ministry of Interior, through the Department of Immigration would like to implement all the standards and principles that would make our services internationally compliant. In another words, Department of Immigration will issue all Entry Visas (On Arrival) in all Immigration points of entry (Airports, Seaports and Boarder points).
In addition, we would like to inform all travellers that our Liaison offices will be also issuing Entry Visas that would be accepted upon arrival.
Similarly, the department of Immigration has launched a National Website, whereby on-line applications and approvals will be performed. Website:

Finally, the following  Entry Visa Categories are available:

1.    Category  (1) Privileged Visas for the following Passport holders

a)    Diplomatic National Passports
b)    UN Diplomatic Passports
c)    Service National Passports
d)    International Institutions
e)    Official Foreign Delegations.

The mentioned above will be given entry visa on arrival, given they fill the visa application form.

2.    Category  (2)  Business Visa

a)    Period:  30 days up to 90 days.
b)     Extension: depending on the Business interests in Somaliland and the countries maintains multilateral or bilateral agreements.
c)    Conditions:
  •     The purpose of your trip must be to perform a legitimate business activity
  •     Passport valid for at least six more months from the day of entry
  •     Should made known his business contacts if there are any.
  •     For extension purposes it depends upon his business perspective.
  •     Letter of invitation from hosting entity in Somaliland (if there is).
  •     Evidence of Funds e.g. resent Bank Statement approved by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Tourism.
  •      Continuation/ return ticket.

3.    Category (3) Tourist Visa

a)    Period : 15 days
b)    Tourist Visa renewal: it could be extended to 75 days more at different intervals.
c)    Conditions: he/she should have
  •     Passport with validity for at least six more months from the day of entry
  •     Return or continuation ticket
  •     Sufficient living funds for the period of his stay or gurantee for Funds with one of the local banks.

4.    Category (4) Transit Visa

a)    Period: 72 hours up to 14 days at different intervals.
b)    Conditions :
  •     Passport that is valid for at least six months.
  •     Continuation Ticket
  •     Sufficient funds for the period of his stay.

5.    Category (5) Educational Visa

a)    Period: 30 days.
b)    Extension of Educational Visa: It could be extended depending upon the period that the Institution relevant to the Educational Course needs.

c)    Conditions:
  •     A Full and completer Visa Application ( Form - 1)
  •     Passport valid for at least six months.
  •     The Institution should be legal in Somaliland.
  •     Applicant should have Admission from the Institution
  •     For the purpose of Training.
  •     For the purpose of Research.
  •     For the purpose of participating in a workshop and so on.

6.    Category (6) Special Travel Entry Visa

a)    Period: 30 days.
b)    Extension: Depends upon the special Entry Visa purpose.
c)    Condition:
  •     Depending upon the relative Entities that is hosting and whether the host can accommodate him/her.
  •     Passport that is valid for at least six months.

Please note:

a)    The Visa Categories no. 1, 2, 3, 4 will be provided their Visas on (Arrival) at the regular entry points.
b)    The Visa Categories   5 and 6 should apply their application Visas through their contacts in Somaliland.
c)    Any other Visas which are not mentioned on the categories above could apply their visas through their Sponsor agencies.
d)    Visa Charges will be paid at the entry points, on their arrival.

For any further information, please contact the Somaliland Immigration in the following details:
Telephone no: 002522-523961
                        or the following emails:




Visa Categories and Applicant Requirements